What we do in IoT?

  • As an IoT Services Provider, Go Brilliant, our work includes designing of products, software development, quality assurance and consultancy, ensuring a seamless and quality transformation of devices.
  • Getting devices on your own IoT network would also help in reducing business costs and enhance productivity through efficient management of resources.
  • IoT also improves security of assets and resources, thereby creating avenues for smarter decisions.
  • We deliver customized IoT services on new and existing devices, creating an easily manageable flow of data between users on common network of connected devices.
  • We also provide analytical services in IoT solutions for businesses, which enable them to make best decisions for growing the revenue stream. The feature of real-time reports in your IoT network further helps in making smarter decisions.

How IoT helps

IoT reduces costs for businesses. From better, faster working on supply side management to efficient energy usage, as an IoT services provider, we curate the best solutions.

With data collection and sharing at a large scale, and all sorts of devices available to be used and modified remotely, providing convenience to consumers, we are looking at a revolution that is in its infancy and would only grow from here on in.

IoT streamlines processes and increases users’ engagement. With the conception of Industrial IoT Solutions, businesses can benefit by better customer experience.

In the post-pandemic world, and the need for remote management IoT Service, the Internet of Things also fosters work environment beyond the traditional brick and mortar workspaces and provides flexibility, and we ensure to provide you the best.

Our Services Include

We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development, product design, QA and consultancy services.


We identify concepts, list characteristics of the benefits and challenges in the context of information, facts and identify tools, concepts and programming languages used to develop the IoT system.


With data at the centre of implementation of IoT applications, we deploy context-aware systems to translate data into contextual information, which then makes the applications to interact in a way that exhibits cognition. There’s interoperability at play in the IoT environment among different entities.


For eg in a Smart City, there will be systems in different domains such as smart traffic, public utilities, smart homes and smart industries. All these would produce different types of context information in variable sets of formats, data types, specifications. The analytics platform then allows sharing, studying the relationships of interoperability and interacting in a way that is geared towards giving efficient solutions in a web of complexities.

Case Studies


Fuel Monitoring and Management


IoT Platform Development and Consulting


PLM Implementation for Operations Visibility


Digital Performance Management



ThingWorx is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform developed by PTC, the same company known for its PLM software. The purpose of ThingWorx is to enable businesses to connect, manage...



PLM-based companies focus on providing software solutions and services that assist businesses in managing the entire lifecycle of their products, from concept to disposal.



Centralized Product Data: Windchill serves as a single source of truth for product-related data, ensuring all the stakeholders have access to accurate and up-to-date information.


CWC (Connected Work Cell)

Connected Work Cell (CWC) application is a powerful solution for companies that are engaged in manufacturing processes. It is available as a standalone product, which can be uploaded on the company’s private cloud, or the public network.



Kepware is a software suite that has solutions for industrial connectivity. The Kepware package helps businesses connect different sets of automation equipment and software applications. Kepware handles various functionalities.


ThingWorx Kepware

ThingWorx Kepware server has a tremendous amount of potential in that it unlocks industrial data, including past records, from all the functionalities of all the sensors and equipment.


What we do

  • We are an IoT competency company with specialization in Thingworx.
  • We also specialize in PTC products in Thingworx, Kepware, PLM, etc.
  • We are custom development company (services) for IoT
  • We also do consulting for IoT like helping customer realize the automation opportunities through IoT and help customer create a business case, cost model and then the roadmap for IoT
  • We are interested in customers in the manufacturing, supply chain, mining, generic asset management, warehouse management domains.

Choose Go Brilliant for complete solutions

  • Our services stands on three key pillars – Innovation, Collaboration and Expertise – that are interconnected and together provide a seamless service to our key business partners.
  • Go Brilliant team will assist you completely from designing of network, prototypes, app interfaces, integration of related systems, and providing security features in the IoT Monitoring Service.
  • We also design a robust and scalable data management system keeping your requirements totally in focus for immediate use and for the future.

Thingworx TSV Parser Extension

Unlock the Power of Data Transformation with Go Brilliant Thingworx Extension

At Go Brilliant, we believe that data is the lifeblood of modern enterprises. Harnessing the potential of your data can unlock new opportunities and drive innovation. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our cutting-edge Thingworx Extension that takes data transformation to the next level.

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Smart Energy



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