ThingWorx Kepware server has a tremendous amount of potential in that it unlocks industrial data, including past records, from all the functionalities of all the sensors and equipment. Such is the power of ThingWorx that an entire factory or a big enterprise with multiple departments. ThingWorx makes industrial connectivity easy to implement, provides standardization, and is a cost-effective solution as it supports varied assets. In a complex set-up, a uniform point of connectivity keeps the workforce engaged in optimizing output solutions. Simplification of data in popularly used operational technology systems like MES, PLCs, SCADA, CNC, etc. helps manufacturers get more out of machine data. It benefits in terms of lowering maintenance and downtime, ensuring equipment compliance. A strategic approach to the manufacturing process empowers teams to work confidently and trusting the process of software applications enhances efficiency.

Features of ThingWorx

  • Reliability: ThingWorx Kepware server is trusted globally across thousands of manufacturing units, testifying to its automation strength.
  • Scalability: The server connects to virtually any machine line on the manufacturing floor. This helps in easy collection, storing, moving, managing, and utilizing data across the industry.
  • Security: Tools that control user access to the server, data sources, modifications such as read/write, connecting/disconnecting client applications, and maintaining overall integrity of processes a key feature of the server.

Versatile, compatible with wide-scale industrial application

  • The ThingWorx based server is designed to provide a quick setup, seamless interoperability, and accurate communications between client applications, industrial devices, and systems.
  • The suite provides a wide range of plug-ins and device drivers, components that are compatible with almost all the requirements in manufacturing processes.
  • The single user interface provides consistent access from both the standards-based apps and non-standards based apps, hence providing a comprehensive working environment.