Client context

  • To build a common scalable and Flexible Asset Integrity Platform to address the needs of different Business Units within an airport for monitoring and management of the various O&G assets
  • To provide unique and enhanced consumer experience for multiple stakeholders like Operations, Engineering and Management
  • To lead the market with advanced Asset Integrity Platform in the Fuel Management space cutting across different verticals like Airports, Railways, Mining, Manufacturing, etc. Monetize the data and explore new channels for revenue and market growth.

Business Challenges

  • No real time Tank, Pump and other asset data being available over internet for operations, engineering and Business users to be able to access them remotely.
  • No historical data being available in the current SCADA systems to be used for comparison, further analysis and generate correlational references and analysis.
  • No graphical data representation for better and quicker understanding of the Key Performance Indicators to enable quick decision taking
  • No ability to define custom KPIs with the application.

Approach / Differentiation

  • GB being the System Integrator partner defined the expected user experience and the processes required by the multiple stakeholders to perform their duties/ information gathering
  • Evaluated multiple IoT platforms which were prominent in the Industrial space and undertook Proof of Concepts to finalize the most relevant platform.
  • Defined a multi-tier architecture encompassing of sensor data gathering, protocol transformation, data processing, Rules Engine and Real time/ Historical data visualization

Benefits Achieved

  • Management: Ability to get details on the important asset KPIs, available fuel inventory on a single dashboard
  • Engineering: Quick understanding of the Engineering KPIs on single pane of glass to quickly analyze how the multiple assets are performing. Allow to download the historical data for comparison and abaolaytics
  • Operations: Provide Operations KPIs on a single dashboard and detailed KPIs for all the assets in separate dashboards like Tanks and Pumps.