Connected Work Cell (CWC) application is a powerful solution for companies that are engaged in manufacturing processes. It is available as a standalone product, which can be uploaded on the company’s private cloud, or the public network. A smart, efficient, powerful driver for stimulating productivity, the CWC app streamlines information by sourcing it from various silos and presents the data in a simplified visual window.

How CWC is an asset for companies

In a manufacturing process, operators are in need to source a vast amount of information from an equal or larger number of sources such as tools, machines, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. During the assembly of products, the cumbersome process of manually following and feeding instructions from paper affects quality as there’s inconsistency and inefficiency.
The result is Lower Overall Production Effectiveness, Lower Overall Labour Effectiveness, higher scrap, and the potential of repeating the various steps in the assembly line. In terms of dynamic processes, the reactivity and responsiveness to the new engineering changes also becomes a tedious process and the need to retrain operators adds to the productivity and costs.
This is where the CWC app from PTC helps companies overcome these challenges. CWC accelerates the process of work and also improves the clarity of operations.

CWC powers efficiency, reduces training time for staffers

CWC helps by presenting chronological work instructions with accurate and updated information, powering efficiency as it links instructions to work orders with the corresponding proper resources and authenticating proper execution to deliver standardized products with quality.
The work cell makes operators the key stakeholders and this makes the team flexible and saves time on training and the need for upgrading of skills before being assigned the new work cell.
The integration provides communication flow both ways with a set-up that allows downloading of setting requirements and collection of data points, and files for traceability. This flexibility in the assignment of authority enables companies to register work instructions either manually or by connecting to PLA.
The easy-to-use interface makes work instructions easy where the companies leverage PLM to maintain account of materials, and process plans, among other things. Companies using the CWC app have seen tangible results in terms of an increase in productivity, a reduction in training time and scrap, and safety improvements.

Features of CWC

  • CWC comes with ready-to-set-up in the device, which saves on the time needed to design code and test applications.
  • With no need for code, there’s rapid implementation of the application settings.
  • CWC is compatible with your existing systems, so this saves on money and infrastructure.
  • Using the scalability of the platform, there’s an additional advantage of compatibility with a wide range of digital processes.