Kepware is a software suite that has solutions for industrial connectivity. The Kepware package helps businesses connect different sets of automation equipment and software applications. Kepware handles various functionalities, provides scalable solutions, and has flexibility combined with streamlining operations on a single interface for installation, working, and maintenance.

Advantages of Kepware

  • One language for machines: Kepware provides standardization, where it combines all the manufacturing machines in a business unit onto a common platform of operations.
  • Ease of access: Kepware has data access for industrial client applications (eg MES, SCADA) and the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as big data analytics software through OPC, proprietary protocols, and IT protocols.
  • Connectivity: The configuration of Kepware supports a plethora of protocols found across various verticals, in wired and wireless networks, databases, custom software apps, and OPC servers, among other structures.
  • Aggregation: The configurations of different applications are unified on Kepware. This eliminates the need for multiple solutions and simplifies the solution output.
  • Optimization: Kepware optimizes communication, and also reduces the devices and network load by conditioning, reducing and protocol-specific singularity.
  • Security: Kepware has tools that allow user-based controls on a server, data source, regulation of read/write functions, change in access, and configuring security protocols, among other security features.
  • Diagnostics: In terms of isolating devices and app communications for troubleshooting operations, Kepware provides all sorts of functionalities, including OPC diagnostics for real-time and historical views of OPC on the timeline.

Applications & Types of Kepware

  • The product suite of Kepware offers industrial solutions that are designed, tested, and certified, meeting the demands of automation devices and their various applications.
    • Kepware+ accelerates Software as a Service (SaaS) for manufacturing businesses, providing centrality to the diverse operations in an assembly line. It improves operational efficiency, reduces various costs and overheads, and eliminates errors.
    • KEPServerEX provides seamless connectivity for industrial automation data for various applications. Various devices, and their application protocols, are connected on a single user interface. KepServerEX is reliable software to connect industrial devices from the plant to the industrial floor to the corporate boardroom.
    • LinkMaster provides a means of linking various strands of data between the OPC DA servers. This helps as a universal bridge for the OPC systems. LinkMaster helps in controlling data transfers as per the needs of the operations, hence transforming the operational efficiency, network traffic, and cost of linking OPC servers.
    • RedundancyMaster allows the availability of OPC DA data of multiple OPC servers to be arranged into redundant pairs. It provides an addition to an existing client/server application without the need to reconfigure, making the processes carry on functioning without downtime.