Client context

As part of Product 4.0 offering, GoBrilliant identified major digital transformation use cases that need to be implemented in a phased manner for the FMCG player. The initial use cases are Digital Performance Management (DPM) and Realtime Asset Tracking. After the assessment, Go Brilliant finalized to implement the use cases on Tulip Interfaces (Frontline Operations IoT Platform, development process.

Approach / Differentiation

    Digital performance management focuses on providing real time plant performance with the help of identified KPI’s metrics like OEE, outcount vs goal, OEE trend and real time machine level parameters which provides actionable insights to supervisors and operators.

    Realtime asset tracking focuses on monitoring the asset status real time and machine performance along with downtime reasons with pareto to enable supervisors to move from reactive to predictive maintenance and enable connected

    Below dashboards to be developed on Tulip platform as part of current scope.

    • Line Metrics Dashboard (Consists of OEE, Quality Metrics, MTTB, Scrap … etc.)
    • Asset Dashboard (Asset level KPI’s)
    • Action Tracker (Supervisor Can Create/Edit the Task, Operator can work on assigned tasks and update the comments)
    • Score Card
    • Downtime Board (Downtime Analysis of Particular Asset Selected)

Benefits Achieved

  • Improved Collaboration: The PLM system and Thingworx platform enabled better collaboration among teams, leading to more efficient product development and faster time to market
  • Increased Efficiency: The streamlined product development process resulted in increased efficiency, with fewer errors and rework.
  • Real-time Data Analytics: The Thingworx platform provided real-time data analytics and visualization capabilities, enabling the company to make datadriven decisions and identify areas for improvement.
  • Cost Savings: The improved efficiency and reduced time to market resulted in significant cost savings for the company.