Client context

The customer is Tier 1 Telco provider in Canada. They have significant play in IoT in the geography but through partners. They are keen on expanding their footprint in the IoT space and also internationally with comprehensive solution offerings.

Business Challenges

  • The Telco’s partners are using it as Data Pipe and hence there is no real play for them in the IoT space
  • They do not have a in house CMP or AEP that they can leverage across organization and with partners to accelerate IoT development
  • They do not have global presence and serving their international customers is not possible

Approach / Differentiation

  • GB helped the customer key stakeholders realize the vision of how a Telco can create abstract AEP platform using the hyperscaler and build business services on top to enable solution development.
  • GB developed certain base components like Business Rules engine, Device Management, Asset management, Solution automation over the hyperscaler for faster solution development
  • GB acted as consultant to define the requirements from CMP which they can either build or partner with and finally build Global Operations for their partners/customers

Benefits Achieved

  • Completely Cloud Native built on Azure IoT Platform
  • Scalable Micro-services based to expand into newer Use Cases and Solutions
  • Competitive Price Point to help increase the MPC (margin per customer) and increase customer footprint