Why Power BI?

  • Power Business Intelligence (BI) is the software which unifies and simplifies different strands and types of data, and creates compelling reports, personalized as per your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and business needs.

  • Power BI Solutions provides shareable dashboards which combines multiple reports and data sets on one document. Power BI is perfect for a team working on the ethos of efficient and quality work.

  • The platform of Power BI is also abreast with the fast changes of the times with Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools customised as per the requirements of the businesses and brands.

  • Power BI can be integrated with your apps as well. It has options to share reports on different platforms such as Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, etc and is dynamic as well. Two or more than two team members can work simultaneously on a document, with changes visible in real time and not conflicting with one another.

Power BI Services: Powerful, versatile software for all your business needs

Power BI services are available on Cloud Computing and are accessed and shared through various tools; all designed specifically within the software or are compatible with other tools on the system and specific business infrastructure. Power BI Software as a Service (SaaS) works on providing business specific tools and solutions, which cater towards making your work related tasks easier to manage and enhancing the productivity. Analyzing the processes, data mining, descriptive analysis along with benchmarking for performance indicators gives business houses time to focus on their products and conceptualize creative standards.


As a Power BI Consulting Services, Go Brilliant team looks at your business with a 360° view of the market space of your product. In the sphere of Power BI Consultants, we provide services package ranging from the strategy, product engineering, data analysis, to advanced analytics and marketing technology, among other specialised needs.


In terms of Power BI Solutions, we provide dashboard solutions, which accelerate your company’s data-related needs via intuitive and interactive models, which are easy to share across computer networks and mobiles.

Modelling & Analytics

According to data measuring requirements and the business problems that need to be solved, Power BI Data Analytics provides flexible reports that can be easily understood. It also handles large quantities of data, which can be scaled.


Setting up of Power BI Migration Services involves planning the requirements, including the budgetary allocations and cost benefit analysis. Then deployment is planned and risk mitigation factors are created, evaluated, and all the content validated. Once all these steps return with a success, migration on Power BI is finished and monitored.

Integration & Customization

The beauty of Power BI Services is that it integrates on existing networks and systems as well as customized as part of working software solution. Through workspaces, dashboards, reports and data sets, we provide Power BI as a simple and effective product that delivers on all your business requirements.

Visualization & Reporting

Graphical representation of information and data, predictive analysis, analyzing changes with change in data numbers, all of this brings is comprehensively packaged in Power BI Data Solution. With an easy UI and fast turnaround time of Power BI, the opportunities for businesses to streamline their

Performance Tuning

Constant measures to optimise reports and data models, removing columns which are no longer required, optimising performance indexes are some of the measures in Power BI Development Solutions. Power BI performance tuning includes optimizing dashboards, reports and data sets.

Why Go Brilliant for Power BI

  • At Go Brilliant, we’re a dedicated and fully committed team with expertise in the sector of business intelligence and are abreast with the latest trends in technologies.

We have the expertise to give existing and start-up businesses software solutions – from implementation to visualization and value addition – that would aid in opening up newer avenues of growth and drive innovation.

  • For Mobiles, we design apps and provide all types of UI, prototypes, customization tools, backend and frontend architecture, security features, for Android and iOS, etc.
  • Data preparation, integration, management and its warehousing capabilities are powered by our team of experts.
  • We help in achieving cost-efficiency with various types of Power BI plans, custom-made for businesses.

Case Studies

The Power BI Implementation has a tremendous scope across industries. As you can see in this section, from Agriculture to crucial Healthcare and from the Entertainment Industry to balance sheets on various important parameters for the corporate sector, this software is a powerful and precise companion to incorporate.


Agriculture Industry Reports

This graph visually presents the Minimum Guaranteed Harvest concept in the context of stem count for a particular crop. It aims to ensure a certain level of crop production even during periods of variability.


Healthcare Industry Reports

The Biosimilars Dashboard is an interface designed to quickly identify and assess utilization patterns of biosimilars within each market basket. This report allows users to monitor and compare the costs of reference brand products versus biosimilars to help users make more informed decisions.


Entertainment Industry reports

This report focuses on analyzing the relationship between timezone load and bonus distribution within the entertainment industry. It provides insights into how workload in different geographical regions (timezones) relates to the allocation of bonuses to industry participants.


Logistics Industry Reports

Consolidate Profit and Loss report shows the actual profit/loss percentage along with Sales by Month and Budget by Month. This clearly helps the client to under the direction the business is going in financially.