Minimum Guaranteed Harvest

This graph visually presents the Minimum Guaranteed Harvest concept in the context of stem count for a particular crop. It aims to ensure a certain level of crop production even during periods of variability.

Minimum Guaranteed Harvest (MGH) Line: A horizontal line is drawn across the graph at a specific stem count value, representing the Minimum Guaranteed Harvest (MGH). The MGH indicates the desired or targeted level of stem count that the crop should achieve to ensure a certain level of production.

Recorded, Graded, and Rejected Harvest Yield in June 2023

The graph displaying the recorded graded and rejected harvest yields for June 2023 provides a visual representation of the crop's production and quality performance throughout the month. It assists in understanding yield variations, quality control measures, and potential areas for improvement in the agricultural operations, ensuring that both quantity and quality standards are met for the harvested crop.

Harvest by Field

The "Harvest by Field" graph for June, focusing on active fields, provides a clear visual representation of the harvest yield distribution for each week of the month. It assists in evaluating field-specific performance, making informed resource allocation decisions, and optimizing operational planning. By analysing the data presented in the graph, agricultural practitioners can improve field management strategies and overall productivity.

Field Harvest Overview

The "Field Harvest Overview" graph for June provides a concise visual summary of the harvest status of different active fields throughout the month. It assists in tracking harvest progress, making informed operational decisions, and identifying trends and patterns in field-specific yield. By analyzing this graph, agricultural professionals can manage the harvest process more effectively and optimize field operations for improved productivity.