SmileIndia is a software that helps doctors reach out to their patients across multiple clinics and regions. Individuals and patients are also able to access a network of doctors and healthcare providers for different needs.


  • Creating a software for doctors to manage their practice on the go
  • Physical, video and audio consultation
  • Viewing and maintaining patient records, photos and reports
  • Setting up appointments
  • Search engine optimization and targeted marketing
  • Payment gateway integration

Approach and Solution:

  • Key Tasks: Users must be able to find doctors filtered by location, ratings and discounts on consultation and treatment. Doctors must be able to create appointments, E-Prescriptions and manage patient records.
  • Software: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, .NET Framework, REST API, XML, MySQL


  • SmileIndia lists verified profiles of doctors, which include information about medical licenses, qualifications and areas of specialization.
  • The user interface is seamless for both doctors and patients.
  • Appointment creation, feedback, prescriptions and payments are simple and intuitive to manage.
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