Go Brilliant developed an IoT based solution for PULP SHRED, Canada to enable customers to securely view videos of products and confidential information being shredded. The video snippets are captured when the goods are processed at different phases. These snippets are made available to users through a secure login. The duration of the video snippet is configurable. Products are tracked via RFID sensors.

Problems to overcome:

  • Secure shredding of documents
  • Recording video during the shredding process
  • Confidential viewing of shredding by the customer

Approach and Solution:

  • Key Tasks: Creating a video verification software that captures the entire process of document shredding. Every container is barcoded and provides a unique customer ID for audit and tracking purposes.
  • Software: Java, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, AngularJS


  • PULP SHRED allows customers to view high-resolution videos of confidential documents being shredded anytime and anywhere through a secure login process.
  • A video verification link is sent electronically after the destruction process.
  • The video is archived for a period of 90 days.
  • PULP SHRED won the Newcomer Entrepreneur Award of Distinction at the 2020 ABBIZA WARDS, Alberta Business Awards of Distinction bestowed by the Alberta Chambers of Commerce.
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