Keesing Technologies leads the way in ID document and identity verification solutions. Organisations all over the globe rely on our trusted identity verification solutions to protect their business and customers against fraud.
Keesing’s cutting-edge AuthentiScan enables you to verify ID documents accurately and establish your customer's true identity from anywhere in the world securely using face biometrics. AuthentiScan can be tailored to your business needs as it supports omni-channel verification and is suitable for both remote and on-premise use.

Keesing's modern solutions are founded upon extensive expertise in ID verification, leveraging the world's largest ID reference database, DocumentChecker. This exceptional database contains detailed information about thousands of ID documents from over 200 countries and issuing authorities. The comprehensive data is meticulously compiled by document experts and sourced directly from issuing agencies, ensuring the reliability of ID verification results. DocumentChecker stands as a unique and comprehensive source of ID information, serving as the cornerstone of all identity verification solutions provided by Keesing. Additionally, Keesing provides direct access to the data for use as reference information or for training algorithms in identity verification applications through flexible APIs, (KeesingDaaS).

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At Keesing, quality comes first, and we constantly strive to develop solutions of the highest standard. To safeguard top quality for our customers, we work closely with international governments, central banks, leading financial institutions and key industry players.

Keesing is an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified company and we proudly serve 6,000+ organisations worldwide, including governments and financial institutions.

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