An award-winning, cloud-based solution that automates accounts for the SMB market. Invoice scheduling, auto pay, flexible payment options, payment planners and late fee managers are some of the features of Biller Genie.


  • Generating accounting software
  • Setting up reminders and following schedules
  • Eliminating duplication of work
  • Setting up reconciliation
  • Payment integration

Approach and Solution:

  • Key Tasks: Creating an Invoice Messenger that automates the invoicing process via a custom schedule. A customer portal, flexible payment options and a payment planner are key features of the software.
  • Software: NET Core, MySQL, Azure Dev Ops


  • Biller Genie connects to your existing accounting software, making reconciliation a breeze.
  • The software automates invoice generation and allows for customized payment reminders and notifications.
  • Payments can be made 24x7 from any location, which results in timely payments and the ability to focus on client satisfaction
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