Workonomix helps users keep their profiles and credentials up-to-date and verified so they can find new jobs and get onboarded to new employers faster. The purpose is to enable every candidate to own a verified profile that can be trusted by any employer around the world.


  • Creating user profiles and verifying them
  • Optimizing filling of forms to capture as much data as possible
  • Quick and effective onboarding
  • A seamless UX and UI experience

Approach and Solution:

  • Key Tasks: Developing the website with advanced features like digitized vetting and onboarding of staff, contracts with legally binding e-signatures, digital certifications and micro-credentials.
  • Software: Java, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, Python, Golang, AWS Hosting


  • The website eases the engagement journey with a single comprehensive digital record owned by the user.
  • Credentials are verified online through an ecosystem of trusted parties. This eliminates the need for repeated verifications.
  • Blockchain technology implies that agencies and employers can access verified, ready-to-onboard candidates.
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